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Supplier Registration:

To register as a supplier please click on the link below to enable you participate in the ongoing pre-qualification exercise. In case of any challenges please contact us through the chat support on the website or by sending an email either to and our dedicated customer services executive shall be glad to guide you through the process.

Tender No. Tender Description: Closing Date Status
GEI/PRQ/01/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of vehicle/ motorbikes Spare parts and accessories 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/02/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of office furniture and fittings 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/03/2023-2024 Supply, installation and maintenance of generators 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/04/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of marketing and branded promotional items & merchandise (e.g. Banners, t-shirts, shirts, etc. 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/05/2023-2024 Supply & personalization of staff identification cards and lanyards, metal staff badges 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/06/2023-2024 Supply and maintenance of computer and computer hardware e.g. Servers, pcs, laptops, routers, cameras, and other related ict hardware and accessories 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/07/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of dry foods and cooking oil 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/08/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of Building and Construction materials 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/09/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of Office Stationery 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/010/2023-2024 Supply & Delivery of Motorbikes 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/011/2023-2024 Supply of Solar Panels 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/012/2023-2024 Provision of borehole drilling works - 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/013/2023-2024 Provision of car rental/ car hire services. 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/014/2023-2024 Provision of Quantity surveying consultancy services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/015/2023-2024 Provision of air travel & ticketing agency services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/016/2023-2024 Provision of major civil works contractors 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/017/2023-2024 Provision of general insurance services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/018/2023-2024 Provision of borehole equipping services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/019/2023-2024 Provision of consultancy and training services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/020/2023-2024 Provision of network infrastructure services, data communication services, computer networks & structured cabling, wide area network 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/021/2023-2024 Provision of plumbing installations and repairs 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/022/2023-2024 Provision of Interior fit out specialist’s works 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/023/2023-2024 Provision of Electrical and mechanical consulting engineers (required ERC for the company) 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/024/2023-2024 Provision of major civil works contractors 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/025/2023-2024 Provision of Renewable energy consultancy services (required ERC cert for the chief engineer) 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/026/2023-2024 Provision of corporate branded signage, and signage maintenance services, internal and external branding 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/027/2023-2024 Provision of sanitary bins and services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/028/2023-2024 Provision of catering services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/029/2023-2024 Provision & maintenance of security guarding and alarm response and other related accessories 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/030/2023-2024 Provision of construction services; including renovations, office partitioning 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/031/2023-2024 Provision & maintenance of security guarding and alarm response and other related accessories 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/032/2023-2024 Provision of pre-printed stationery e.g. Calendars, diaries, pens 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/033/2023-2024 Provision of professional photography, videography & related services 2023-08-02 Closed
GEI/PRQ/034/2023-2024 Provision of First aid and emergency response services 2023-08-02 Closed


Detailed documents and other condition can be downloaded from Global Empowerment Initiative`s website tenders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,000.00 per category from 13th July 2023 Completed Tender bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly labelled with the tender number and tender name and be deposited in the tender box located at Global Empowerment Initiative`s office reception or be addressed and posted to;
P.O. BOX 6465-00100,
So as to reach before 2nd August, 2023, 10.00am. Tenders shall thereafter be opened and interested applicants or their representatives are invited to attend.