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Years + Making a Difference


Improving the lives of vulnerable Children, Women and Communities

Global Empowerment Initiative is a Non Profitable Organization. The Organization is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children, Women and communities at large.

Our main pillars are equitable access to quality education, universal access to healthcare and a satiable need to provide balanced and nutritious food to the children, women and communities. In addition, We ensure that the communities have safety with better environmental surroundings.


Empower the community for the benefit of all. We believe that sustainable impact starts with local leadership. For that reason we have created a community-led organization dedicated to advancing the economic and personal development of the women and children

Equity For All.

Equity for all. When we reduce the barriers to education we raise healthier children and, ultimately, adults with greater economic prospects. This belief is the foundation of our dynamic programs

Impacting Communities.

We have developed a unique model that is based on the fundamental premise that when individuals earn opportunity for growth they are fundamentally more committed to their own success.


About Global Empowerment Initiative

Our vision is to inspire the individual to effect change, resulting in thriving communities with access to clean water and with the capability of providing for their basic needs.

Global Empowerment Initiative cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya by providing access to clean water and by partnering with local leaders to provide sustainable solutions which create hope through care, education, and community development.

All our income comes from donations made by generous individuals, grantmaking bodies and groups, as well as our charity shops. Spent wisely, small amounts can go a long way and every donation we receive makes a difference to an African child. Despite the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, our work continues to have significant impact each year

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Our Impact

Porridge Program

184,000 mugs of porridge are provided each school term, helping children to learn without being hungry.

Girls' Sanitary

2,225 girls are given sanitary protection at school, allowing them to continue their education all month, every month.

Attending School

2,100 children supported in attending school, improving their opportunities of a prosperous future.

Safe Places

14 safe places are available for abused and neglected children to be rescued from the streets.

Special Education

93 children with special educational needs are able to enjoy learning in a safe, accepting environment.


62 families gain justice through free legal advice.

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