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Global Empowerment Initiative

Who we are

Global Empowerment Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization (NG0) founded in 2006 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and registered as Global Empowerment Initiative by the NGOs Coordination Board in 2014.­

Our Mission: To inspire and empower the grass-root communities, individuals and families through holistic approaches in order to make them realize their potential

Our Vision: At the front line empowering African generations

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Livelihood Programmes

Under this programme global empowerement initiavive provides communities with skills, Knowledge and capacity to secure and improve their quality of life. This thematic area has the following programmes:

1. Education.

Global Empowerement Initiative believes that every child has the right to safe, quality education. Our programs focus specifically on the most vulnerable groups, such as girls children with disabilities, children from minority groups, and those living in areas of poverty.Global Empowerement Initiative strives to increase access to education for girls and boys, increase inclusive education for children with disabilities, bridge the gender digital divide, and increase access to education during emergencies.

In addition to focusing on in-school education and curriculum GEI also addresses issues dealing with education out of school, early childhood care, and pre-primary education.

2. Health.

Global Empowerement Initiative provides access to medical care through direct primary care, referrals and payment for outside services, health care education and emergency financial support. Our program supports moderately to severely undernourished children. We also work to reduce risks of chronic disease from obesity in children and educate caregivers on nutrition practices.

Reproductive health helps reduce early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Reducing adolescent substance abuse reduces risky behaviors and later health problems and increases life expectancies.

3. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

Safe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are crucial to human health and well -being. Safe WASH is not only a prerequisite to health, but contributes to livelihoods, school attendance and dignity and helps to create resilient communities living in healthy environments. Devastating economics impacts are anticipated in most Regions and for the most vulnerable and marginalized people in society.

Human and economic costs are likely to be larger for Fragile, Conflict, and Violence (FCV)-affected regions and lower and middle-income areas, that generally have limited coverage and capacity of water supply and sanitation systems, lower health care capacity, larger informal sectors, limited fiscal space, and poorer governance. As such, for all interventions we try to reduce illness and death related to WASH cases as well as do ample community trainining in areas such as General Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Proper Disposl of waste e.t.c

Our Wash Initiatives are important Survival interventions for communities living on the edge of poverty of lack access to Basic Human Needs.

4. Sustainable food and Livestock Farming.

Food sustainability is defined as long-term food security that ensures environmental, economic, and social sustainability of food systems at every stage.

Over the years, the Global Empowerement Initiative has successfully established an integrated approach towards Food & livestock sustainable development. It has consolidated a unique platform for the facilitation of dialogue, understanding, and consensus among a diverse participation of actors, fostering progress towards policy and practice change. It has conducted analysis and assessments to facilitate innovation tools, technical solution and guidelines to support best practices along the whole Food & livestock value chain at economic, social and environmental level.

Growing diverse crops, increasing biodiversity, ensuring soil health and farming with nature are some of the strategies that can improve food resilience, especially among small-scale farmers. However, the best yields can only be obtained locally if farmers have access to seeds, water, nutrients, pest management solutions, soils, biodiversity and knowledge.

5. Environment And Climate Change.

Under This Programme Global Empowerement Initiative Works With The Communities To empower them to be champions of environmental conservation and bolster their coping and resllience to Climate change.

Work and Educate communities against engaging in environmental destructive practices e.g Soil Erossion, Deforestation, Charcoal Burning, Poaching e.t.c.

We also educate and equip them on new methods of cooking as most of them depend on Charcoal and Firewood which are harmful to the environments and also young infants.

6. Peace Building and Integration.

Global Empowerment Initiative has developed Community-Based Conflict Transformation Programs (CBCTP) which engage communities in peacebuilding and reconciliation by equipping them with peacebuilding tools at the grassroots level in Kenya. These programs have been practically tested and proved to be effective in building mutual trust between the diverse ethnic groups.Global Empowerment Initiative has organised other peace conferences, including three day conference that trained peace agents recruited from the grassroots, which in turn led to the creation of community-based peace forums.

The goal of training each community-based peace forum is to break the cycle of violence that has occurred in the region since 1992, building harmonious socio-cultural structures between formerly rival communities and narratives. Three community leaders from each peace forum were nominated for the purpose of coordination with GEI to implement the Community-Based Conflict Transformation Programs; GEI takes pride in being one of the organisations which helped a peaceful general election in 2013/2017.


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“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

Our Core Values


Fulfilling organisational goals with full commitment towards our duties and responsibilities


We collaborate and cooperate with other NGOs to foster positive change. work beyond borders to achieve our organizational goals in particular and societal vision in general.


We believe that All individuals and groups are equal, should be treated with dignity and due regard must be given to their diversity.


Maintaining social, ethical and organisational norms and adhering to the code of conduct.


We are committed to having the most sustainable impact for the communities and the people with whom we engage.

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